Is Your Handyman Honest?

Monday, August 08, 2016

Finding a good handyman is a real chore. You would probably have to go through 5 or more mediocre handymen to get one who seems like he knows what he’s doing. This good handyman becomes such an asset that we would immediately trust them and let them wander in our homes – no questions asked.

The heartbreaking fact about people is that they almost always take advantage of our trust for them and use it for their personal gain. Yes, your handyman is great at his job but is he honest? Sometimes, we know when our trusted handyman is being dishonest but we just brush it off because we truly don’t want to go through another handful of handymen to find one who’s good at his job.

Here are 3 most common ways handymen can be dishonest:

Inflating prices

A lot of handymen are guilty of inflating prices of materials they use to work. Rather than just give you the actual price and get the money they deserve, they inflate the price of materials knowing fully well that you’re not about to waste hours in the market trying to double-check the prices. This price inflation could go on for years till you stumble on the real price of materials.

Buying inferior materials

The professional handymen know the low, middle and top quality materials in the market. They would deliberately by the middle grade (which is such a fine imitation of the original that you’d hardly notice) and charge you for top quality materials.

 Stealing your personal items

Your handyman might just take advantage of the fact that you live in a big house and won’t notice that a few items here and there are missing till months later. And by then, it's already such a distant memory that you can't quite place where or when you last saw it.

 What do you do if your handyman is dishonest?

In that case, it's time for a change and you can try out online platforms that offer a network of background checked and skilled professionals to do your domestic chores. Online platforms like TaskBuddy.

By using TaskBuddy for your domestic tasks, you won’t be dealing with individuals looking for the quickest way make cash but with an honest organization with background checked professionals. Trust that we won’t have taskers who are known to pilfer and inflate prices

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