4 Reasons NOT to Leave Dirty Dishes Overnight

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's hard to find someone who loves doing dishes. And even harder to find someone who loves to do dishes at the end of a long day.

After a long day of work, cooking and cleaning, it always seems like a Herculean task to do the dishes. You’re just too tired, it's late, the dishes can wait. We know how tempting it is to leave a sink filled with dirty dishes and just go right to bed. But here are four reasons why you should resist the temptation and do the dishes right away:

It's unhealthy

The more time the dishes spend sitting in the sink, the more time bacteria has to multiply and the smell may start to get pungent if you have wet food there. Also, the plates may start to attract flies, roaches, maggots and other unwanted creatures in your kitchen - especially rodents which tend to follow food around.

It's unsightly

A sink filled with dirty dishes is not a sight anyone wants to see – both the person meant to do the dishes and one who innocently walks into the kitchen.

It could get worse

So maybe your plan to do dishes early in the morning feels fool-proof until you have an important task to do in the morning and you dash out. One important task becomes a string of other tasks and you come home to a sink with more dishes (if you don’t live alone) or a kitchen that stinks of rotten food.

You feel better with a clean kitchen

Seeing a sink filled with dirty dishes and buzzing flies can weigh on a person’s heart. However, a clean kitchen makes you feel lighter and is more inviting – so much so that you suddenly feel like cooking a special dish fit for a queen.

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