What Does Your #ChilledLife Look Like?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The worst part of being an adult is having to shoulder all the responsibility for the events of your life. You can't just sit back and wait for things to happen, you have to go out there and DO. As such, it starts to feel like our life is just one endless roll of to-do lists. Surrounded by the endless cycle of tasks and activities, it feels like there is simply no time for us to do what really matters, to live the life we love.

At TaskBuddy, we are all about taking over the major part of your tasks. A majority of your tasks don’t need your personal attention, so outsource them and go live your life. Use the extra time to relax or do whatever you love. Learn to play the violin, go sightseeing, win a karaoke contest. Whatever it is.

That's why, from now till the 4th of August, we are challenging you to live the life you’ve always wanted, to live #TheChilledLifestyle. 

What would you do after you’ve ticked every box on your to-do list?

…when your home is sparkling and you have nothing to run around for. We want to see photos of your relaxed moments.

What do we hope to achieve?

We simply want you to take a breather from the crazy life, relax and do what matters. Catch up with old friends, read a book, write a book, go hiking, run a marathon for charity and so on.

#TheChilledLifestyle is a social media photo contest. Take pictures of your chilled life, tag us and you just might win some cool prizes

What kind of photos qualify?

As long as you're not doing tasks or working, you are living #TheChilledLifestyle. It doesn't have to be photos of you hiking through the rocky roads of Mount Kilimanjaro (not that we won't appreciate that sort of picture). It could just be a photo of you hanging out with friends.

Rules of the contest

 You have to be following us on social media – either FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Wherever you choose to post your photos.

You have to tag us (@taskbuddyng) in your photos and use the hashtag #TheChilledLifestyle.

How will winners be chosen?

We will use the engagement on your photos to choose the winner (likes + comments). The photo with the most engagement wins. Two lucky winners will get customized hoodie and win N10, 000 you can spend on the TaskBuddy platform. You also get to be the face of our #TheChilledLifestyle. So pick up your camera and get to snapping.

Please note that, there is a limit to the amount of photos you can enter into the competition (not more than 5). 

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