4 Things to Do on a Saturday Morning Asides Cleaning

Friday, July 29, 2016

Saturdays are like the universal cleaning days – the day most of us break out our brooms and mops in preparation for some deep cleaning. The thing is Saturday is also the first rest day after waking up by 5 a.m five days in a row. So it's understandable if you just sit there; broom in hand, imagining yourself in bed. It's not rare to imagine other things you could be doing other than cleaning out three-day old biscuits from beneath the couch.

Would you like to take back your Saturday? Then outsource your tasks and do any of these:

Go back to bed
You absolutely do not have to start scrubbing floors on such a sleep-friendly morning. Sink right back into bed with your supper fuzzy duvet. It's been a long week and you’ve definitely earned the round 2 and even 3 of sleep.

Catch up on lost TV time.
If you’ve been working the entire week, odds are you’ve missed out on what’s hot and trending on TV. Wrap yourself in a blanket, get some comfortable food beside you and catch up on the hottest music and the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

Hit the gym.
Getting that perfectly toned abs has not been a piece of cake. Saturdays are for you to break a sweat in the gym and work up to the perfect body. They are not meant for fixing leaky pipes or cleaning out cobwebs with strange stuff attached to it.

Whatever you’ve always wanted to do.
Maybe you have always wanted to take karate classes or spinning classes or join a yoga club but in between work and house cleaning, you can't just find the time.  Life's short so go out there and kick some ass.

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